WP5: Policy Implications and Stakeholder Interactions

Prof. Dr. Robert Finger and all project partners

WP5 aims to synthesize the results from all WPs to derive conclusions and specific recommendations for both policy makers and industry (e.g. insurance companies). This synthesis is partly based on modelling approaches (i.e. using the ABMs developed in WP4) to assess and compare multiple insurance solutions, but also uses qualitative approaches to integrate findings from different WPs throughout the project duration.

Moreover, we will interact with stakeholders ranging from farmers and insurance companies to public administration (e.g. with focus on agriculture and the environment). First, we will share project visions and goals with them in an early phase of the project to collect their inputs and sharpen specific tasks of the project (e.g. on specific insurance designs). At the end of the project, a scientific event that incorporates stakeholders is organized to share and discuss project results and derive jointly, in a transdisciplinary process, policy and industry conclusions. Policy and industry briefs are developed at the end of the project.